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Florida manufacturers may need legal help

Many Florida businesses stay afloat by making a variety of goods that they later sell for a profit. Some of these businesses may send their products directly to the stores or to distributers who will then see to it that they get on to the retail market. In other cases, the business may make a part that will later be sold to another business that will then use it to build their own product.

Confidentiality agreements can lead to business litigation

Many Tallahassee, Florida, businesses may use confidentiality agreements to protect a number of their business interests, especially their finances, trade secrets and other closely-held information that the business relies on to give it a competitive edge.

Attorney fee awards possible for deceptive trade practices

For the most part, business is a creature of contract. What this means is that while people who are doing business together are bound to their agreements, there are generally speaking no rules that require those who are involved in the deal to be especially honest or above board. In other words, for the most part in the world of business, all's fair.

How we represent your business in a fiduciary dispute

A previous post on this blog discussed the important role different types of fiduciary relationships play in the world of business. The post also talked how fiduciaries, like business partners and corporate board members, have a duty to act in the best interest of certain other people, like one's other partners or corporate shareholders.

Overview of fiduciary relationships in business law

As is the case in the rest of both Florida and other parts of the country, most Tallahassee businesses exist and operate on contracts. All kinds of agreements make up the various dimensions of a business's operations, from purchase and vendor agreements to employment agreements.

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